Thursday, December 13, 2012

Egg Noodles

Hakka Noodles-1pkt
Onion-1no big
Green Chillies-6
Green Chilli Sauce-1tbsp
Soya Sauce-as req
Salt-as req
Water-as req

Note-Noodles Should not be sticky,if its sticky immediately immerse noodles in cold water.

Method 1
In deep pan add 10cups of water add 1tbsp oil,pinch salt n boil until u observe bubbles,then immerse the noodles n boil just for 2 mins n transfer it to bowl with water n rest for 8mins,then drain the hot water n add cold water to noodles n keep a side.Slice onion,carrot,slit green chillies n keep a side.
Method 2
Add water in a pan n immerse noodles n cook until for 1 boil n immediately transfer to bowl n add cold water,2tsp oil n keep a side.(Check noodles once u transfer before to bowl).
Heat oil in the pan n add oinions,green chillies n saute until onions r transparent,then add veggies n saute it for some time,then add green chilli sauce,soya sauce,veniger,salt n mix well,now beat eggs n mix well until its done,if req add some oil,now drain water compeletly from noodles n add noodles to egg mixture n mix well with large forks or spoons.When mixing noodles shouldn't break.Serve it with onion,ketchup.