Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sooji Halwa

Water-1 1/2cup
Cardamom Powder-1tsp
Heat ghee in kadai n add cashews,raisins,baadam n stir until they turn lite brown in color,then add sooji stir well until you get nice aroma then add water stir continuously so that u dont see lumps in it,lastly add sugar,cardamom powder n stir continuously until u see thick consistency n transfer it to plate.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Osmania Biscuits

I Prepared this recipe for the first time by searching on net ,i did some minute changes n prepared it.I luv this biscuit so much that made me to do today.It came so well n its delicious.
Sugar powder-1/2cup
All Purpose Flour-1 1/2cup
Custard Powder-1tbsp
Baking Powder-pinch
Cardamom Powder-pinch
Preparation Method
Take a bowl add butter,sugar powder,milk n mix well,then add all purpose flour,custard powder,baking powder,salt,cardamom powder n mix well until you get dough shape.Now on a flat surface place dough n make round flat shape n roll it with rolling pin.Dont roll too thin,it should be like 1inch thick.Now make shapes of your own n place it on baking pan.Pre heat oven to 325F n bake biscuits for 20 mins.If its not done bake it for some more time until u see lite brown color. Serve it with hot tea.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Gunta Ponganalu

I love this recipe,for the first time i tasted this recipe at my aunt home n it tasted so yummy n prepared it for the first time n loved the taste of it.Its yummylicious.
Oil-1tsp each
Urad Dal-1/2 cup
Long Grain Rice-3cups
Chana Dal-1/2cup
Curd-1 1/2cup
Salt-as req

For Mixing
Green Chillies-10
Cumin Seeds-1tbsp
Coriander Leaves-few bunch
Curry Leaves-few

Soak urad dal,poha,rice in water over night.In the morning drain the water n blend the soaked rice with curd n keep a side.Batter should be smooth.Ferment batter over night.As in the fig below.

Cut onion,green chilles,curry leaves,coriander leaves in to small pieces n keep a side.Soak Chana Dal for 2 hrs.
Now mix onions,green chillies,cumin seeds,coriander leaves,curry leaves,salt,chana dal,salt n keep a side.
Heat the pan on medium flame n drop 1tsp oil in each hole n let it heat,now drop 3/4batter in holes n let it cook n cover the pan with lid until its done n flip the ponganalu to other side n cook it well.Serve it with any kind of chutney you like.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Palak Rice

Palak-1 1/2 Cup
Basmati Rice-1cup
Curry Leaves-1/3cup
Green Chillies-8
Ginger Garlic Paste-1tbsp
Cumin Seeds-1tsp
Salt-as per taste

Masala Ingredients
Cinnamon Stick-2
Black Cardamom-1
Star Anise-1
Bay Leaf-2
Grate Carrot,Slice onions,cut palak n keep aside.Blend pudina,curry leaves,green chillies n keep a side.
Heat oil in deep pot then add all masala ingredients n saute for some time,then add onions,turmeric n saute until they r transparent in color,then add ginger garlic paste n saute for some time,then add blended mixture until raw smell goes out,later add palak,carrot n semi cook by covering the lid.Lastly add rice,water,salt n mix well with palak mixture n cover the lid until its done(max 20-30mins).Serve it with raitha.

Note:Heat should be on medium flame.Dont soak the rice,add directly to palak mixture after washing the rice.

Kobbari Pachadi

This recipe is very easy to prepare n done in 10 mins,my mom use prepare this recipe,this recipe is mainly famous in andhra

Grated Coconut-2cups
Red chilli-8(as per ur taste)
Salt-as per taste
Coriander Seeds-11/2tsp
Cumin Seeds-11/2tsp

Preparation Method
Lightly Roast cumin seeds,coriander seeds,red chilli n keep a side.Now blend coconut,jaggery,tamarind n all roasted ingredients n transfer it bowl n mix well with salt.Serve yummy yummy pachadi  with white rice,tamarind rice.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ChanadalCoconut Chutney

Chana Dal-1cup
Coriander Seeds-1tsp
Cumin Seeds-1tsp
Urad Dal-1tsp
Green Chillies-8
Grated Coconut-1cup

Garlic crushed-2
Mustard Seeds-1tsp
Cummin Seeds-1tsp
Urad Dal-1tsp
Curry Leaves-few
Red Chilli-2
Preparation Method
Heat pan add chana dal,urad dal,coriander seeds,cumin seeds,coconut,green chilles,garlic,ginger n roast it for a while n blend it by adding some water,salt n transfer it to bowl.Now in the same pan add oil n heat it,then add tempering as in order n saute for some time n shift it to bowl n mix well with chutney.Serve it with dosa,idli.